Posted by: Robin Lynn | 10/23/2009

Thank God it’s Friday!

TGIF is a wonderful day – I love Fridays, don’t you? You can read more about TGIF over here @ Road to Abundance. One of the things I learned this morning @ Acronym Finder was that there are at least 35 other things TGIF stands for.

I have a new one for you: “Today God Is First” – whew! I love that! If we really lived like God was first then probably a lot of priorities would be different on Friday. Probably clubs and bars wouldn’t be as full. Probably more families would be staying home and having a Game Night. Probably there’d be friends over for a cook-out. There’d be more love shown, gifts given and precious, not ever ashamed of memories made … if we lived like Today God Is First.

TGIF everyone!!

Nah, I can’t just leave it like that – I was going to share a shout-out today so I still will in keeping with how fun Fridays can be …

Friday Fun can be about Feeling Good and there’s nothing like helping others to make you feel good. Here is a clip from Healing Hands and their Walk 4 Water – sure, the official day is gone but I wanted to let you see this video as an eye opener and also, hear the song by the Redding Brothers who make it a practice to live as if Today God Is First.

Walk 4 Water 2009 Benefit Concert

The Redding Brothers’ motto is “Rock and Roll can save the world” and they are certainly proving that. They have done benefit concerts for several non-profit works and last year they performed on a USO tour to seven different nations entertaining our troops.

This year, they are showing their support for providing clean water around the world by serving as the spokesband for Walk 4 Water 2009. Here’s how it worksed.

  • All walkers that raise $100 or more for the walk will get into the concert for free

  • All walkers that raise $50 – $99 are asked to make a $10 donation for concert admission

  • All walkers that raise <$50 are asked to make a $20 donation for concert admission

For more information about the Redding Brothers or to listen to their music, click here.

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