Posted by: Robin Lynn | 10/06/2009

Hooray for Mondays!

I love Terrific Tuesdays but I have to complete my ‘shout-out’ for Monday from yesterday … it didn’t get it posted because I got busy with some really important activities and people yesterday morning …. well, Hooray For Mondays!

The First Day of the Week is unique and unto itself in my estimation – probably my favorite day ever. I mean the First Day is what all other days lead up to. It’s the essence of who I am as a person. I celebrate my Lord, my brethren, my life every single Sunday. I am refueled, rejuvenated, and eager for life. Sundays are what all other days lead from.

But, Mondays … wow, they are incredible, too! You see, for the majority of us, our ‘Monday’ marks the day to start our school week, or our work week fresh and new. This day may be a reference point for a beginning. We can get up Monday morning with the decision that this will be the best week ever – in school, at work, in my family. I will be a part of life in ways that I never have before. I can search for ways to be better, act in higher ways, make a difference for good in my home and the surroundings that constitute ‘my world’.

Yep, each and every day we write the script. We make choices as to how we live … unto the Lord or not.

Yep, ya gotta believe and own up to it – this can be a great day. Hooray for Mondays!

Psalm 118: 24

This is the day the LORD has made;

let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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