Posted by: Robin Lynn | 09/26/2009

Sweet Serendipities

Sweet Serendipities

Do you ever have those wakeful times in the deep of the night? The house is quiet, all is secure, safe and you just lay there and reflect on where you are in life? That was me last night. It was a good time. I didn’t fret over any ‘why nots’ or ‘what ifs’ or ‘how comes’. I decided to dwell on my serendipity blessings. It was fun, peaceful and my spirit delighted in the restfulness of gentle musings. Before I knew it the dawn of a new day was upon me … I had fallen asleep in the arms of my Father with a heart full of thankfulness.

It’s been a while since I had spent time in the land of Sweet Serendipities … I am glad it’s come back into my heart. I like this place. My eyes are more aware, my heart listens with anticipation, a smile is always ready. You see, every single day our lives are full of blessings. We are surrounded by the ‘take for granted’ blessings of health, family, a roof over our heads, and often as not, a quick ‘grace’ said at mealtimes seems to suffice for these kinds of blessings. I mean, we know they’re from God. But serendipity blessings, ah, they’re what brings joy to the heart in a succinct form – and yes, sometimes take your breath away in their intensity.

Well, I realize these recent recognition of rare blessings has probably been brought on because of the year anniversary of Jonell’s passing. This past Wednesday marked this day. For days leading up to the 23rd and then these few since I have been remembering … feasting on the memories centered around this precious person. I realize, too, that I am probably one of the few people in this world that are treasuring those times from years gone by … it’s okay, I mean, life is for the living and we all get so busy with … well, life.

But for me, my whole entire life has been influenced by this wonderful woman-child who was my sister – she was 5 years older. All my growing up years, until I was 14, we shared a bedroom. My free time (not in school) revolved around, was planned around Jonell.

I don’t think I ever resented it – this was the world as I knew it. Jonell was a part of my comings and goings as a kid. She went with me to the beach, the movies, to friends’, and if I did have play times without her, there was the ‘check on Jonell’ moments interspersed. Don’t get me wrong, I did have regular, spend-the night with friends, and was a part of 4-H … but usually, Jonell was an ‘honorary’ member of whatever. Every single monumental event of my life was measured by Jonell … being baptized into my Lord, graduations, going to college, getting married, having babies, leaving the country … not that I felt controlled … but since Joni was radically ‘in love’ with life – well, I was too!

She loved ‘church’ – we ‘played’ church at home. She loved dramas … court room, murder mysteries – I do, too. She loved romance – me, too. She loved to ‘act out’ whole little productions with family and whoever would participate … she’d ‘write the script’ and ‘direct’ – I was in children’s theater in college. Her hands were always busy – I love art and crafts.

All this to say it … brings me to the feelings of today and these wonderful serendipity blessings of having been the little sister of Jonell Ruth Moore. She taught me so many wonderful lessons – devotion to family, love for her Lord and for her church family, eagerness and willingness to work, organization, contentment, stubborn determination, and how to take enjoyment in the pure pleasure of life.

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