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Life should be filled with moments of celebration. Granted, some occasions are deemed more ‘worthy’ of recognition than others but each and every day there are truly those quintessential few minutes that need to be separated out from the routine. We need to decide to take the opportunity to revel in a celebration of praise. I am fixing to celebrate a ‘work in progress’ but also, well, there’s ‘real’ life that has been happening …

Our family has had its share of big reasons to celebrate in the last weeks. I guess the first biggie after Jessi and Benjamin got engaged was the development of plans for them to have a small, quiet marriage ceremony.

Most of you know, I was caught up in the flurry and bittersweet drudgery of emptying the Charlotte house for almost 2 weeks after the passing of Lowell’s Mom and believe me, the hustle of these wedding plans made for a welcome change. I determined that ‘small and quiet’ didn’t mean it wasn’t going to be ‘nice and thoughtful’ and even lovely! So, there was flowers to be bought, a festive meal to arrange for the seven of us to enjoy and remember.

June 26 was an absolutely beautiful occasion with Benjamin, Jessi, Mark, Linda (Benjamin’s Mom and Step Dad), Lowell, Jacob and me. The quaint lodge they had rented for the week-end was just right, the weather was glorious and the mood was happy, relaxed and content. We ate dinner first, then Lowell performed the ceremony with Benjamin and Jessi speaking vows they wrote as well, then cake and our leave-taking. It was special and perfect as could be! Celebration!

Happy Moments!

Happy Moments!

Came back home the next day after a night in Pigeon Forge (before this I had never been and had no clue there was this tourist town right in these NC mountains!) – then it was Bible Camp for Jake at CBC starting that Sunday. More bustle, but fortunately, Jacob is pretty self-sufficient these days so this was easy as pie. Wednesday night around 11 we get a call from Jacob from camp – letting us know he wants to be baptized. See the poem on Lowell’s site for more on that! More Celebration!

oh happy day!

oh happy day!

The next Tuesday I head to Arkansas to spend time with Janna and family – awaiting birth of Maddie. A week into my stay there was another reason to Celebrate – Jared returned from Ukraine! Hooray! We missed him lots and it was wonderful to pick him up at the airport in Fayetteville, AR – until the drive that evening I had no clue as to how gorgeous the Ozarks were! It was a relaxing, breathtaking hour and a half as God painted the sky in fabulous colors while the sun set for the day. And then, what a pleasure to hear his stories fresh from the field!

And of course, days and days later on her precise due date, SHE arrived – our precious Madelyn and with her, more Celebration! I had great ‘Emily time’ as well and of course, loved the days in Janna and Michael’s home!



uncle Jared

uncle Jared

Head home the 24th and 25th (see other Family note) and then after a day or two of catch up/rest I start working on the “August 1 Wedding Celebration” for Benjamin and Jessi here at the Rawley land. It was a little more intense and had a little drama but all ended up just as it should – terrific weather, good food, and laid-back fun and fellowship with close friends and family – just the way Jessi envisioned. Perfect afternoon and evening!


August 2nd was a good day. I celebrated my bed after Worship and a yummy lunch – my usual Sunday afternoon nap stretched out for a good, long while. No guilt, I needed it and relished the few hours to ‘do nothing’.

And now, the days this week have flown by. I have been busy building a new site/blog and hope to use this means to do some marketing and also reach out in a big way. I want to make a difference. I want people to come to know Christ and the Father in a non-threatening way by sort of an easy introduction to this higher plane of living life … an abundant life. I am not going to be pushy or even do any overt teaching … just share a little here and there and I will have references to this blog and whenever whoever wants to mosey on over for a looksee they can. First and foremost I am just offering Life! Pray for me as I work the plan – I believe God’s fingerprints are all over it and I know, ultimately, searching ones will come to Him.

It’s been like I have been in ‘labor’ – it’s actually painful at times, it’s some hard work, learning as I go, pretty intense, joyful at other times and I know the end result will be worth a Celebration!

Oh, and of course, like I mentioned, I am ‘marketing’ – and I believe its some good quality stuff. The money the site(s) earnings will be used to help us live in Honduras, so, won’t that be great?


In the meantime – I would love for you to share some ways you and your family have Celebrated this summer.

Have there been some special occasions?

Memories in the making?

Did you accomplish something that’s been the works for awhile?

What are some smaller moments worth the mention?

Maybe today is a day for Celebration!

Let’s visit!


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