Posted by: Robin Lynn | 07/16/2009

*Honduras Bound!* What?? Life Is Sometimes Sad … But, Don’t Let It Consume YOU!!

Life is sometimes sad – and downright disappointing. Many times our sadness comes because we get caught up in the expectation of an event and then when the expected outcome fails to materialize we allow ourselves to be crushed. Other times the terrible unexpected comes upon us – like, we had a hope, a dream and rather than the beautiful end we anticipated we are given a set of dire circumstances that have to be dealt with – lived with, in an entirely different frame of mind. We can even let anger motivate us to righteous behavior …

There are so many examples in my life and I know in yours too – when someone was dealt a hand they weren’t expecting and then knowing they couldn’t ‘fold’ and just give up, they chose to stand firm in their faith and be strong in their attempts to make the situation the best it could be. Specifically what came to my mind was the joyous occasion of my sister, Jonell’s birth. Before the day of sonogram (about 58 years ago) there was no preparation for news like this – “your child has Downs Syndrome”. In fact, my parents were encouraged by hospital staff to let ‘nature take its course’ or at the most ‘find a good institution for her’. They chose to take her home and love her. In the process, they made the world a much better place from city to city as they moved around the country.

Well, being dealt an unexpected hand … this kind of describes the situation our family – Lowell, Jacob and I – find ourselves in now. We were offered a job – which was more than a job … it was an opportunity that spoke to our forever hearts. A chance to be a part of making a difference for eternity’s sake and we were raring to go! “Honduras-bound” became our new mantra! Then, in matter of weeks events that are so much bigger than the details of our small family began to unfold in a dramatic manner. It involves the whole country of Honduras, the future of the whole of Latin America and the relationship of United States to this small but courageous country.

There is much that is being left unsaid. There are distorted facts and assumptions. There are a ‘set of dire circumstances’ that must be dealt with. But the truth is still the truth. The vast majority of these peace-seeking, freedom loving, wonderful people are standing boldly in the face of political distortion and corruption in pursuit of their constitutional rights. In all this current turmoil, it seems as always, it is the poor, the homeless that are getting the raw, dirty deal. The US has cut off any foreign aid … what??

This is not “old news” and even though it may seem like it because the media is not focused on it here, well, I think we are intended to be distracted – but folks, the reality is – it’s not over yet! Comments over the past two days include:

Yesterday Marc wrote:   “Today Mel is calling for public disorder. He wants his followers to tear things up and destroy. Pretty sad that this is the person that our government is standing with. Tomorrow there are planned road blocks – the trouble makers want to stop everything coming into all borders and into Tegucigalpa. Delenquents and thugs are not friends of democracy! Be a blessing to somebody today!”  Marc Tindall

And today:  “We’ll see what the coup leaders do. This is a country where almost all the roads are blocked, the country’s paralyzed, it’s an ungovernable country,”    Chavez said on Friday.    ….     – I just got back from Tegucigalpa – calm, peaceful, and tranquil. Buying food for the kids at Casa – no roadblocks, minor protest, and NORMAL.


“The economic sanctions to Honduras could worsen the poverty even more”….. caption from Honduras’ El Heraldo newspaper today. Who will really suffer from this political mess? Those who can least afford it! Like always… Uhgggg!” Mark Connell

and RIGHT NOW  this is really scary!!

I have been reading posts and updates over the past 2 weeks+ – Marc, Mark, Lori, Donna, Karen, Lowell and Jennifer and others … the following is a group of articles and videos that have been posted by these dear friends of mine who are mutually in love with the country of Honduras and the special people there. I decided to put some of them here in one spot  so that maybe you can peruse these for yourself and please share this with as many as possible. We need Prayer Warriors!!

Let’s start at the very beginning (“sort of”  — because in reality this has all been the works for quite a while)

A little over 2 weeks ago now there was a dramatic occurrence in a little, bitty country that many of us generally know nothing about … but just WHO was responsible here??

There was even a “3-day deadline” given … what?? and did you even know what or who the OAS was before all this?

Well, there was talk of this being a “coup” — here is one of the first debates on that issue – a coup or not a coup??

But,  Kudos to the Washington Post for starting this off right … this was one the first alerts that we were having some Misconceptions and Wrong -Turns going on …    are we deciding to look the other way??

For a terrific chronological order and explanation of events you can watch this excellent video – Democracy Alive and Strong!

And published about the same time period was this just so you can see how the majority of Hondurans really feel – The Truth From Honduras

and this was from just a regular person living in Honduras — showing the reactions of Hondurans in various cities …

and here are her (La Gringa) most recent posts that put it all out there pretty plainly

For those of you that will take time to read this article, it delivers the question as to WHY is the U.S. not supporting the Rule of Law??

Here is an really moving video just emphasizing responsibility of those of us who are so very blessed – we have so much folks and with that comes theprivilege of being able to make a difference.

Here’s a good article to draw things together … so many Christ-centered groups have been a part of healing Honduras for a number of years ...

Today – well, this just kind of makes you very uneasy – it’s in Spanish and not that I am any kind of expert in the language but what I do understand …. Please PRAY!

So, Lowell, had some great instructions –

look up your Senators, (google or whatever) you’ll see their email addresses – and WRITE THEM!

you can go to Lowell’s facebook page and you can see that you truly may make a difference!!

Find Obama’s facebook page and write him! And you know, there is a ‘Christians Pray for Obama’ page …

May God bless the Honduras people during these scary, uncertain, traumatic days and thanks for  being on your knees during this time.

Psalm 43;5  Why are you downcast, O my soul?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,

Proverbs 14: 31  He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker,
but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.

Proverbs 21:13 If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.

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