Posted by: Robin Lynn | 05/08/2009

Okay – After Too Long A Time – I’m Back

Well, I have been involved in a journey of learning, growing and assessing for these past few months. My life and who I am has turned topsy turvy and where in the world am I supposed to be anyways? I still kept writing in my head and on my little tablets but now I am ready to go at it here and my ‘sister’ sites. (soon to be released but not just yet … :o)  So why am I here again? Has life stabilized? Absolutely not! Do I have my plans figured out? NO! In fact, I am right now, this very day more ‘up in the air’ about what to do next than ever in my life. But whichever path my Love and I choose to take, I am confident it will be a “God Thing” and I will rest assured.  That is basically what I want to share – that no matter what your age in life, where you are, or what you are involved in, it may just be that God calls you to do something more, something different. It might even be, as in my case, that more than one option is available and both are wonderful in their own right…. Oh me, oh my, what to do? what to do? Hmmmm … More to come …



  1. Yay! Glad to see you back on here. I’m sure things will work out for ya’ll and whatever it is will be God’s will! Love you…

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