Posted by: Robin Lynn | 09/02/2008

Caring for Jesus


How many times have I come to a task and grumbled or complained? How many times have I felt myself becoming overwhelmed with busyness? How many times have I become upset with people when, through my eyes, they let me down? How many times have I lost my patience because someone in my own family, or the church ‘blew it’ – really messed up in some way? How many times have I taken the ‘oh, woe is me’ mentality and allowed it to dominate who I am? How many times have I succumbed to mental exhaustion and self-pity in bearing some load that I believe is heavier than any load my ‘brother/sister’ will ever have to bear? How many times have I let worry over a situation or finances consume me? Well, more times than I’d like to admit. And there you have it – I am human afterall. I guess that’s my excuse … but is this how it’s supposed to be?  


This morning I received a note from one of my cousins. It was a surprise – one of those serendiptiy blessings that God just doles out on a daily basis. You see, it was on my business account and actually in response to a future transaction but she inserted these few lines that caused me to stop, re-evaluate life and rejoice in who I am. Here is what she said:


 You folks are going through one of those very difficult times in life. Perhaps the only way to endure is to think of caring for Jonell as “caring for Jesus”. I am sure He is well-pleased and that you will be rewarded for your faithfulness.” –Sylvia Askey 


 Wow, three lines, a multitude of thoughts … one never knows when you can be impacted by someone. Sylvia gave me a blessing this morning. I needed it. Not just because of Jonell’s situation necessarily but probably a ramification of this state of affairs had me questioning what God wanted from me, where he wanted me to be, what he wanted me to do … I knew I was struggling with how he expected me to deal with certain personal matters in my life. Sometimes we, as Christians, know we are to react one way and our stubborn worldliness allows satan to take a foothold on the fortress of our heart. Sometimes, before I know it I am feeling what I perceive to be the weight of the world, totally down on my brothers and sisters in the faith, lacking confidence in the ones who I love the most.


Okay, so how am I supposed to carry out this dance of emotions that work on my heart? Well, first of all, I take care of Jonell as if I was taking care of Jesus and then I KNOW all the ramifications of this time in our lives will work out to his absolute glory. I kick the negative out. I give doubts the boot. I stomp on worries, one by one, until they are no more. I embrace the promises of the loving Father, I surrender to the steps of Jesus and let him lead my feeble feet, and I allow my soul to indulge in the comfort and confidence of the Holy Spirit.



To close this is another thought left to me by Slyvia –“Dancing through life with Jesus…..”


Aren’t cousins great? I love family.


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