Posted by: R M White | 08/02/2008

The Serendipity of a Dear Friend (part 1)

I love the fact that I went to a Christian college. I was in an environment of people who shared the same heart – and because of that I have friendships that have withstood the miles and years of separation and are still strong. One of these is my friendship with my Dear Denise. Wow, our lives have been so changed and blessed beyond our wildest dreams since God threw us together as roomies. I guess it was an instant bonding – I loved her like a sister immediately and now, over 30 years later we can meet after months or even years and it’s like it was when we shared a room. We laugh, we talk, or we’re quiet and are so together.

Well, Denise actually used this word the other day! You see, I wasn’t supposed to be involved with taking the kids from our church to Bible camp but things fell into place where it deemed necessary that I do just that. It was a good thing – I loved seeing the kids settled into their cabins. Wishing Jake well before he was gone for 2 weeks was neat. And then it turned out I was by myself with Denise’s home between me and my home and so I called her. (Yeah for cell phones!) I think I said something like: “I just dropped the kids off at camp, I’m on my way home and have some free time – can I drop by and spend it with you?” She laughed! (the last time we’d seen each other was January.) When I pulled up in her driveway there she was on the front porch – she had both phones on hand in case I got lost on the way (had to come in from the opposite direction than usual) and after a hug she looked at me and said “Well, what a serendipity!” It was a wonderful, perfect visit – the kind when 2 hearts are at home and at peace for a time in time.


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