Posted by: Robin Lynn | 08/02/2008

I Was Soooooo Tired – 7/14/08

Have you ever had one of those days or even moments when you are just so tired the words just don’t say it. You feel like you’re moving in slow-mo, or you’re stuffed with sand and you have no support in your body, or you’re made of spaghetti – after it’s been boiled way past el dente, or by contrast, even made of cement – like you’ll have to be chiseled off that chair or out of that bed, or off that couch.

I had those moments today – there I was at our friends and family meal after church services – enjoying the food and fellowship, and I was gradually overcome with weariness. The world is going on around me and I have to participate – say something, make a joke, comment on this or that and I am like, I can’t even put the fork to my mouth one more time. I just long to put my head down on my pillow in my bed for no less than 20 minutes and I want it now. Then blessed son, Jake, says – you want to go home? Do I! Let’s gather our stuff – I couldn’t talk anymore to anyone – let’s just go. I have just the energy to get home … so, down the long hallway, to the car, get in, let’s start it, drive on auto-pilot, park in driveway, unlock door, hello dogs, cat, put food down and walk up stairs, change to bed-time clothes – thank you God that I didn’t make the bed this morning and crawl in. Ahhhh … the blessedness of crashing for a little.

I laid down around 1:20 and looked at the clock again around 3:15 – WOW – that is so not me. I guess I needed the rest. Of course, I had our cat curled up beside me purring away, the doggie came and gave me kisses 2X and then finally laid beside the bed and cried – just this mournful, little, incessant whining because, you know, there is no one like Mom to put you out when you need to go. And now I am up and at ’em and am going to conquer my world because you know there’s no one like Mom to finish up cleaning the kitchen, or getting the week’s laundry done up for a new week’s adventures, and well, this house needs a good blessing.

But, because I am Mom I am the one to decide how much to do to consider my world ‘conquered’ for today. In my dreams I have a pristinely straight and neat home with everything in it’s place and all material possessions dusted and shined to perfection. But I live with the reality of where I am now – and my energy is uniquely divided and therefore I do just what I can to get by here at home. I thank the Father every day that I have the most easygoing husband in the world when it comes to my housekeeping. He sympathizes and I am appreciative.

God is so good to me.


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