Posted by: Robin Lynn | 08/01/2008

The Way of Serendipity (a prelude)

For a number of years now I have chosen a theme word for myself. It’s just a hobby of mine I guess you’d say. One year it was joy, another time it was tenacity, still another time it was – well, like a lot of times lately, my mind just drew a blank but anyways, the word of the year for me now is “Serendipity”.

It’s always been a special word to me. There is a old movie by this name – it’s a romantic love story and of course in this world today there can’t seem to be a love story told that doesn’t involve at least something you have to be opposed to morally. But this movie is sweet and I believe it pretty much sums up the word in a worldly sense. Basically, coincidences bring the couple together and there is immediate chemistry. Then a series of ‘just missed you’s keep them apart and then through another series of happenstances they are finally brought together again and true love reigns.

Well, for me the life led by a Christian has no coincidences. When we are seeking God’s face in our daily life and consulting his word on a regular basis then we are being led purposefully to a certain end. But now, does that rule out us making the wrong decision at times? Of course not. We have free will and the path we’re to take doesn’t always shine as brightly as we’d like. There are times I even find myself in a quandary as to what to do next. But even when I may not make the wisest choice I still believe I can hand any mess I may have made over to the Father and he’ll do wondrous things. I believe you meet people every day that was purposed by Heavenly design. I believe you are somewhere every day because you were meant to be there and whether or not you want or had planned to be – you are a part of someone’s life story.

Which leads me to Serendipity. First of all, it’s a fun word to say. It’s pretty to look at once it’s written too. It’s also unexpected – it will pop up in conversations or thought because the unexpected has happened. The word makes me smile – granted, it doesn’t take a lot to make me smile. But for the weeks that I have concentrated on serendipity, I have seen so many ‘bonus’ blessings in my life. Blessings that I didn’t count on. Blessings that came because I was doing a job that had to be done. Blessings that God gave because I went somewhere at the last minute. Blessings that were gifted to me because I said ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’. Or I said ‘no’ when my intention all along was to say ‘yes, I’d love to’. So, basically it is Spiritual Serendipity that surround us if we give credit to where credit is due – the Divine Author whose joy it is to bless his children by allowing us to participate in his masterpiece of the unfolding lives of those around us. It’s like God saying …. “ Wait, just a minute…. Surprise!”



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