Posted by: Robin Lynn | 07/23/2008

Heavenly Conversations with the Father

Oh Jesus, I love you! Your arms are a good place to be. Did you see them? They’re all crying and are so sad. It’ll get better for them won’t it?”

I love you, too, and Yes, sweet child – it’ll hurt for a little, but it will get better.”

Are you sure, Jesus, really sure?”

Yes, I am positive.”


Hello, Jordan.”

I love you, Father. Your arms are a good place to be.”

My arms love to hold you, Jordan – welcome home.”

Thank you, it feels wonderful to be home. …. Father?”


I was telling Jesus, they’re all so sad – their hearts are breaking. Daddy and Mommy – their arms are lonely for me. Did you see their tears? How they cried!”

I know, Jordan.”

And did you see them – my big sisters and brothers? They were so excited I was coming – and now they are sad. Janna – she’s the oldest and then there’s Jessi, and my big brothers are Jared and Jacob – it would have been a lot of fun playing with Jake, Father.”

I saw them, Jordan.”

They need comfort, Father – just like me, now, they need to be held in your arms – in Jesus’ arms. Why can’t you comfort them now?”

Listen, Jordan – and for a moment – just look …what do you hear? What do you see?”

… … … “Oh! Father!! I hear them! Listen to all the voices! – all praying for Mommy and Daddy – and the kids – Janna, Jessi, Jared, Jacob. Yes, I hear them praying for Papa and Nana, too – they were so sad, too. Oh, Father, it is so beautiful – do they know how they are loved? … where did you say to look? Oh, yes, oh look! So many hugs – so much love all around them – they see it. And look, Mommy and Daddy are reading your words – your love letter. So many hugs – do you see Jayson? He’s there to play and take care of my sisters and brothers – did you see, he made them laugh. Oh, I am glad he’s with our Jessi – you know, she lost her cat, too?” ”

Yes, I know.”

Look, Father, Miss Kathy gave, Jacob a teddy bear to hold. There’s a lot of love down there. Do they know it’s all from you?”

Yes, they know.”

But when Mommy’s by herself, does she know you can hold her then – will she believe it?”

Oh, Jordan, right now she’s in my arms of love.”


Yes, Sweetie?”

Are you there, too? Do they know it?”

I am there, Jordan – I am all around them.”

Holy Spirit?”

Yes, Jordan?”

Are you with them now? You won’t leave them will you? They need you so.”

Jordan, I am in them now and will give them all they need. Until they come home to join you and the Father and Jesus and Me here – I am with them – I will never leave them.”

Thank you, Sweet Spirit. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Father.”

… … … “Father?”

Yes, my child.”

It’s not over, is it? There’s more pain to come. More suffering? How can they bear it? How can Mommy do this again?”

No, Jordan. As long as they live in an imperfect world, there will be pain and suffering… and each time, it breaks my heart. I would that none would suffer. But look, now Jordan. What do you see?”

I see Mommy hugging someone – another Mommy with empty arms, and look there – there’s Daddy, and he’s talking about that man that died. Oh, look his words made them smile. And oh, look – there they are with that family, too and see, Janna’s talking with a friend – she’s holding her while she cries, and there’s Jessi – you see the card she’s sending – it says the perfect words, and there’s Jared – look at what he’s written – he brings comfort to lots of people, doesn’t he, Father? And look, my big brother, Jake – hear his prayers? He’s got a tender heart for others, doesn’t he? He’ll help you to remember just who needs what and when and where … … Father?”

Yes, my love.”

They’re all stronger now aren’t they? See the brightness surrounding them? Are you surrounding them, now? They reached out and you were there?”


It’s all so sad.”


It’s all so beautiful.”


I wish there was no pain, no sadness.”

Me, too.”

But you made The Plan, right? It’s set in motion? Jesus went and has come back and we’re all waiting…”

Since before time was, Jordan.”

Wow, God. You are so great!”

… … … “Oh, Jonathan!! You’re here now, too?”

Hi Jordan. Yes, Jesus welcomed me – Father, it’s good to be in your arms.”

Welcome home, Jonathan.”

Thank you, Father. Mommy’s so sad and Daddy, too. And did you see the family there? My big sisters and brothers, and Aunt Nay and Mamaw and…”

Jonathan, Father knows!”

You’re with my family? You won’t leave them?”

Jesus says he’ll be with them, and the Holy Spirit says he’ll stay with them – they’re covered, Jonathan! Surrounded with LOVE!”

But Father, they are hurting – and so sad. They held me and talked about me and they are going to miss me so much.”

Yes, Jonathan, but it’s just for a little while.”

Father says they’ll be stronger for it – then they share the love they have with someone who really needs it and God’s love is stronger and stronger… and the darkness disappears!! There’s just all this light – Oh, Papaw!! You’re here!”

Well, hello babies, you beat me here! Jesus said I’d find you next the Father.”

Hello, Father. Your arms feel so good.”

Welcome home, Eual. No more pain?”

No more. But the family sure is crying … …”

Oh, Papaw, there’s so much love, and it hurts bad but then they’ll be surrounded by light …”

‘Cause the love of our Father is that powerful …”

Father, can he look, just for a moment … and listen? Listen, Papaw – to all those voices!”

Yes, Eual, listen, and take a look …”

You are good, Father. So many prayers – so much love… Did you see my son, God? He sure was happy when I decided to follow you. He baptized me.”

He never stopped praying.”

and you listened …”

I always do.”

He’s quite a warrior, Lowell is.”

One of my best.”

and he’s raising warriors. And see my girls? They’re strong for their Mother – she’s missing me mighty bad.”

Papaw, see the light that’s surrounding them?”

Beautiful, God-light. Well, lookahere, there’s Clyde.”

Papa!” “Papa!”

Hello, Father. Your arms feel so good. That was quite a welcome waiting for me.”

Welcome home, Clyde. You did well, my son. Rest now, you don’t need to be tired anymore.”

Father, Naoma sure is hurting…the kids, they’re rejoicing – even in their grief – they learned well, but Naoma’s pain is heavy.”

One is never ready for sorrow but you made sure they were prepared…”

Can he look, too, God, can he listen…”

Yeah, can he?”

Yes, Jonathan. Yes, Jordan. Clyde, listen and take a look …”

Oh, Father – it’s everywhere – the sound of voices, praying, singing – lifting up my Naoma and my children and grandchildren. What a sweet aroma! Look at all the people surrounding them with love – embracing them …”

See the light, Clyde?”

Yes, sir, Eual! It’s there alright, it’s all-encompassing… Did you see them, Lord, they remembered you – their singing me into your presence. Did you see those grand-daughters? They laughed and cried with their Nana and Moms. And that Janna, thank you for her empathy and compassion there at the end. Thank you for letting me keep my promise to my wife. And those grand-sons and ‘sons’ of mine – so strong and true to you. I could tell you were there in our midst. Thank you, Father – thank you, Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit.”

Thank you, Clyde, for clearing the path – paving the way for your children and grandchildren and so many others who now desire to honor and obey me.”

But sometimes they stray – you’ll be patient, won’t you Father?”

I will never leave them.”

Oh, it’s Nana!!”


Hello dear grand-babies! Dear mighty and precious Father – thank you for your arms of love. I was so worn out – and well, it’s good to be home.”

Welcome home, sweet Naomi, you did well – loving everyone who came near you – thank you for ‘being me’ to so many.”

Oh, Lord God, I had to leave Jonell, you told me to love her and …”

Father, may she look?”

And listen?”

Yes, children. My faithful daughter – look and listen to your legacy… “

Oh!! They’re everywhere – the voices entreating you, loving you, praising you –

look at our girls, Clyde! There’s light all around them! They’re smiling and – yes, they understand. Thank you, Father.”

Thank you, Naomi. Your life was a lesson and many learned from you – and your girls – well, they learned the best of all. Jonell will be fine until we welcome her home. Even now she hears the voices of angels.”

Oh, Father – there’s so much for them to yet endure – so many trials, temptations – will you be there, God, for each of them? The children and grands and greats — Will they come home, too?”

I will never leave them.”


I will stand at the door and knock, Naomi.”

Sweet Spirit?”

If they open their heart to me, I will be at home.”

And so, the girls need to continue to pray… for themselves and their families. They need to open your Word – to learn and grow and accept You, obey You.”

You taught them how, Naomi – you and Clyde, you taught them how.”

It’s their choice, though.”

Yes, Eual, it’s their choice. Oh, choose well, my loves.”

Welcome home, Gabe, I love you.”

I love you, too, Jesus. It feels so good to be in your arms. Did you see Mommy and Daddy? They are so very sad. What can we do?”

Here, let me hand you to the Father.”

Father!! Your arms feel so good. Thank you for loving me.”

I love you, Gabe, forever and ever.”

Mommy and Daddy are so sad.”

Hello, Gabe!”

Hi, Gabe!”

Hi, Jordan and Jonathan.”

Father???? … …”

Gabe, I want you to listen – hear all those love-songs? Hear the lullabies of comfort? They are for your Mommy and Daddy – them most especially. I want you to see all my servants – all those people are in place to hold them right now – in their arms, their hearts. See? And not just them but all those who were prepared to love you – for Sarah, and Shanna, Peyton and Amy, and for your grandparents – all your family … They are all surrounded in my presence with enough love and comfort for each.”

Oh, Father God. It is so sad.”

Yes, Gabe. My heart breaks for them.”

And it is so beautiful – all that love joining together to make it light.”

Yes, Gabe – they are my people.”

You won’t leave them – at least until they are okay?”

I will never leave them.”

And my Mommy, when she’s all alone, and by herself, will you be there?”

I will always be there and I will hold her tight in my arms.”

Thank you, Father.”

It’s my pleasure, Gabe. It’s what I long to do – love my children.”

Gabe, ya gotta see this!”

What, Jordan? What, Jonathan?”

Look at the big beautiful picture God showed us!”

What is it – it’s magnificent!”

Well, Jesus said, that it’s the tapestry of time until the point of “now” on earth…”

Yeah, He said all the colors represent the experiences we go through – and the lights and darks are all the good and bad times; see, where it’s really, really dark? It’s like now with your Mommy and Daddy but then look – there’s rainbows of colors just around the bend for them and the colors are all the brighter for the sad times. You see those fuzzy areas? That’s showers – the colors of blessings, mixed with tears of heartache. It all goes together and would not be near so wonderful in the end if it were not so. God makes everything beautiful in time…”

Father, do they know?”

Yes, Gabe, they know and in their weakness, they will become strong. When they are able, they will give of themselves to others and my love will be passed on and on til they come home.”

Okay, then, I will wait.”

Oh, Gabe, they’ll be here before you know it!”

In a twinkling of an eye…”

Thank you, Sweet Spirit. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Father God.”

Your Welcome, Gabe, I love you.”

Written by Robin for Patrice and Matt in their time of sorrow…

in remembrance of our own special ones gone on into the arms of LOVE everlasting… where there is no more sorrow or heartache but ‘forever light’ in the presence of God the Father, Jesus our brother and the sweet comforter, our Holy Spirit.

April 25, 2008


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